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You have Basic Edition

Consider upgrading to Regular for about 15€ to get:

  • Everything from Basic
  • Breakup Kick
  • Host Kick Karma
  • Desync Kick Karma
  • World Editor
  • Custom Matchmaking
  • Hide Session
  • Player Bar
  • Name ESP
  • Type Out Player Names
  • Paste In Chat Message
  • Sing In Chat
  • Block Join Karma
  • Become A Script Host Kleptomaniac
  • Web Interface
  • Radio Stations Manager

And not just while in Story Mode:

  • AR Notifications
  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Remote Control
  • Bone ESP
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You have Regular Edition

Consider upgrading to Ultimate for about 25€ to get:

  • Everything from Regular
  • Session Browser
  • Session Scripts Manager
  • Full Session Spoofing
  • Track Players
  • Block All Joins
  • Block Spoofing
  • Crash Reaction
  • Chat Spammer
  • Break Sessions But Join Fast
  • Kick Host When Joining As Next In Queue
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