Money Guide

This document explains all GTA Online money methods that you can do with Stand right now.

Rig Slot Machines

R* limits this to about GTA$ 50,000,000 per 24-hours, but due to the luck aspect, they can't properly patch it. However, they are quick to ban you for earning money via this method if your account has anti-cheat flags, which is why we advise against using this money method if you have used or are using other menus on your account. Furthermore, you should lose a few times after every win, to avoid temporarily losing access to the slot machines.

Sell Gifted Vehicles

You can use Stand's "Gift Spawned Vehicle" feature on yourself to get some nice vehicular assets, following our guide here. However, if you decide to go selling your garage's new fillings, keep within the safe limits:

  • Not more than 2 sales per 2 real-world hours.
  • Not more than 7 sales per 30 real-world hours.

Cayo Perico Heist

Getting this heist set up is quite easy thanks to our "Quick Progress" options, and completing the heist itself will also be quite easy with the movement options or just good ol' teleporting.

Note that R* has implemented a limit that prevents you from earning more than $2.550.000 per run or more than $4.100.000 per hour from this heist.