Stand Protections Guide

Stand already has a very good protections configuration by default, but maybe you want a little bit extra.

Freemode Protections

Some additional protections you may want to enable when not doing any missions:

Raw Network Events For Your Consideration

Carefully walk into Events > Raw Network Events, and try not to touch anything, no matter how good it sounds.

Some things you might want to consider while you're here:

Additionally, if you don't like your weapons being messed with outside of missions, consider notifications and/or blocking for:

What Not To Do

Understand that protections are very delicate and it can be hard to understand what effect enabling notifications and/or blocking may have on your experience. With that in mind, here's some things you should not touch, and why you shouldn't touch them.

And just in general, don't block it if you don't understand the impact of it. Instead, consider enabling notifications on it, seeing what it correlates with, and only when you fully grasp it and decide you don't want it, should you block it.