Stand Protections Guide

This guide will help you understand Stand's protection settings and how to get the most out of them.

Default Configuration

Stand's default protections configuration blocks most things a modder might throw at you, as long as blocking them won't break missions.

Stand also detects, logs, and attempts to fix some bad states the game might be in — some of these behaviours can be configured, like the Script Error Recovery.

For Your Consideration

As mentioned above, Stand will not block events that are used in missions by default, but they might still be abused by modders. Here's some of these for your consideration:

  • Events > Apartment Invite — Used to teleport you to an apartment. Consider blocking when not doing missions.
  • Online > Protections > Events > Vehicle Takeover — Used to take control of your vehicle. Consider blocking when not doing missions.
  • Events > Raw Network Events > Explosion — They're everywhere, and they look amazing. Without explosions, GTA Online just looks weird, so you shouldn't block this, but consider notifications so you can pinpoint the source of unusual explosions, including blamed kills.
  • Events > Raw Network Events > NETWORK_PTFX_EVENT — Used for the orbital cannon's explosion in freemode or sparks on your drill in missions, but can also be abused by modders to fill your screen and make you lag. Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > GIVE_WEAPON_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > REMOVE_WEAPON_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.
  • Events > REMOVE_ALL_WEAPONS_EVENT — Consider notifications and/or blocking.

On Raw Network Events

This is, as the name implies, a very "raw" section, and it is really easy to break the game by blindly blocking everything. With that in mind, here's some things you should not touch, and why you shouldn't touch them.

  • REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT — Blocking this will cause people around you to be unable to drive their vehicles, and if those people are modders, expect kicks and crashes coming your way. Take a look at Events > Vehicle Takeover, instead.
  • NETWORK_CHECK_EXE_SIZE_EVENT — Blocking this will make you unable to join sessions.
  • KICK_VOTES_EVENT — More intelligent reactions can be found in Online > Reactions > Vote Kick Reactions.

And just in general, don't block it if you don't understand the impact of it. Instead, consider enabling notifications on it, seeing what it correlates with, and only when you fully grasp it and decide you don't want it, should you block it.