Terms of Service

This document explains how we expect you to behave when interacting with stand.gg, Stand for GTA V, and associated official communities, and how we enforce this.

Account sharing

We allow you to share your activation key. However, we do not allow you to share your account id.

We have an automated system in place to detect & suspend infringing accounts. We will not unsuspend you if our automated system has suspended you as it is sufficiently lenient.

Mass Advertising

Our goal is to enhance the GTA experience. Advertising is not an enhancement.

If you have Stand injected while mass advertising, you will be automatically suspended. We may review your suspension and unsuspend you if we detect a false-positive.

Discord & Guilded

Our communities on Discord and Guilded are a privilege to partake in, and being banned from them does not mean you will be suspended. However, if you were banned from them and decide to join them again on an alt, we will suspend you.

Malicious Behaviour

If you're being an asshole in-game while using Stand, e.g. ddosing other players, you may be manually suspended. What counts as "being an asshole in-game" won't be defined here, but in general, keep our goal of wanting to enhance the GTA experience in mind, and if we would be closer to that goal without you.