Stand VPN

What makes Stand VPN special

DDoS Protection

You won't even notice when the average DDoS kid in your GTA Online session throws a tantrum thanks to Path's DDoS protection paired with our custom configs.

Elegant Setup

We've made sure anyone can connect to Stand VPN servers within seconds, without first needing to install a huge software package.


Our setup gets even more elegant when you use Stand for GTA V to select and connect to servers within a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for GTA?

Nope, it's just like any old VPN. We don't monitor or restrict your traffic.

Where do you have servers?


Get Started

Stand VPN is 0,16€ per day (4,96€ for 31 days). You can buy it from the shop section within account management.

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Connect Now or use Online > VPN in the menu.