Stand for GTA V

A mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V made from scratch with the goal of providing a unique, polished, and efficient experience.


What makes Stand special


You can customise Stand's appearance, theme, and add functionality by using Lua scripts or ASI Mods, of which you can find plenty on the internet.

Granular Protections

Never be teleported, stuck in an infinite loading screen, or kicked again. Stand detects it and gives you fine control over the reaction.

Augmented Reality

Explore an entirely new way of seeing Los Santos with Watch_Dogs-like World Hacking, AR Beacons, an AR Speedometer, Bone ESP, and more.

Fully Translated

Stand is not just English; every version has up-to-date translations in 9 languages.

What languages?
  • Chinese (Simplified) - 简体中文
  • Dutch - Nederlands
  • French - Français
  • German - Deutsch
  • Korean - 한국어
  • Lithuanian - Lietuvių
  • Portuguese - Português
  • Russian - русский
  • Spanish - Español

Enhanced Chat

The best part of GTA Online can get even better with a Discord-like typing indicator, tab-completion for player names, the ability to paste, and unmatched ad-blocking.

Web Interface

The web interface allows you to use Stand from your web browser, even on your smartphone. Here's how it looks.

Command Box

Most commands in Stand can be executed or changed using the command box. You can even turn the chat into the command box, and give other players access to some commands.

Made With Love

Unlike other menus, Stand strives to be highly polished, so it has no impact on your game's performance, doesn't break missions, and is able to co-load with other menus.

Pick your flavour


You get:

  • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use in Story Mode
  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Remote Control
  • Bone ESP


For about 10€, you get:

  • The most polished GTA V mod menu for use anywhere, any time
  • Rockstar ID Tools
  • Unlock GTA Online (Skip Prologue)
  • Unlock All Achievements

And while you're in Story Mode:

  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Remote Control
  • Bone ESP


For about 25€, you get:

  • Everything from Basic
  • Hide Session
  • Type Out Player Names
  • Paste In Chat Message
  • Sing In Chat
  • Become A Script Host Kleptomaniac
  • Web Interface
  • Radio Stations Manager

And not just while in Story Mode:

  • Watch_Dogs-Like World Hacking
  • Remote Control
  • Bone ESP


For about 50€, you get:

  • Everything from Regular
  • Session Scripts Manager
  • Full Session Spoofing
  • Player Tracker
  • Block All Joins
  • Block Spoofing
  • Crash Reaction
  • Chat Spammer
  • Break Sessions But Join Fast
  • Kick Host When Joining As Next In Queue